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    Elegant and mellow

    Rooms are spacious and elegantly designed with unique themes and styles, incorporating natural stone and imported wood to create a relaxing, organic atmosphere. Bathroom fixtures are also carefully chosen for quality design. Our attention to detail ensures you’ll enjoy a pleasant and relaxing stay.

    Relaxation lounge

    The hotel offers a relaxation lounge space where guests can chat over an evening cocktail or afternoon tea, enjoy the gentle breeze, and get fully into the vacation state of mind.

    Art lounge

    The art lounge is equipped with its own parking lot and elevator for guests’ convenience. Each room has its own balcony, with large windows offering scenic views and natural light.

  • Deluxe double room

    Fixed price:5060
    Summer holiday:4400
    Summer weekday/Holiday:3300

  • Deluxe four-person room

    Fixed price:7260
    Summer holiday:6600
    Summer weekday/Holiday:4400

  • Deluxe six-person room

    Fixed price:8800
    Summer holiday:7920
    Summer weekday/Holiday:6050

  • Deluxe Spa double room

    Fixed price:5280
    Summer holiday:4730
    Summer weekday/Holiday:3520

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